B YOUNGER – (ANTI-AGEING) The B- Younger Peel is an intense anti ageing treatment utilising a combination of balanced active serums to assist in hydrating, supporting and protecting the skin against environmental factors. The B-Younger peels promotes natural cell growth, improving elasticity and activating the regeneration process by strengthening the skins natural protective barrier, providing a nourishing, supple and smooth appearance.


B BRIGHTER- (PIGMENTATION) The B-Brighter peel is a corrective skin treatment suitable for all skin types it is  composed of a combination of alpine herbal extracts and vitamin C inhibiting the unwanted production of pigmentation,  whilst also counteracting discolouration, fine lines and other signs of premature aging, for a more revitalised and even appearance of the skin.

B CLEARER- ( IMPURITIES) The B-Clearer peel is an Anti-Bacterial corrective peel customised for people with acneic, oily, impure and problematic skin. This peel is designed to subside irritation, inflammation, redness, and the spread of acne whilst also refining pore size. The B-Clearer peel improves the skins resistance by combining moisture-binding ingredients to calm and moisturise the skin creating an instant clearer and brightening effect.