The fibroblast soft surgery treatment is a revolutionary non-surgical highly effective alternative to surgery. The meticulous device functions by utilising the voltage in the air between the device tip and skin to release a plasma charge which is an electron of ionized gas therefore creating micro electrical arcs in the skin for instant contraction, tightening and vaporisation of excess connective skin tissue whilst also stimulating and awakening cell fibres in the targeted area.


What to expect after fibroblast?

The fibroblast offers a solution to clients who want extraordinary results to the highest degree without surgical procedure involving cutting or stitching of the skin. The fibroblast is long lasting and permanent treatment that will continue to show results up to 4 months after the treatment.


Due to the non-invasive nature of the fibroblast it is completely safe however patients are expected to experience minor swelling in the first week and tiny micro trauma spots in the treated area this will turn into a scab and will flake off after a week, exposing a pink layer of healthy skin.


To avoid any complications your dermal therapist will provide thorough consultation and will provide you with medicated post care products and a take home aftercare sheet to ensure a safe recovery.


What to expect before fibroblast?

No makeup and topical creams or serums on the day of treatment just clean skin. We suggest taking an antihistamine one hour before your appointment and continue to take antihistamines for two to three days after your appointment.  This will reduce swelling in the treatment area. A numbing agent is place on the treatment area and left to take effect for 30 to 45 minutes. When the area is sufficiently numb the treatment will begin.


During the treatment you will feel some heat and minor irritation.  Treatment time will last from 45 minutes and up to several hours depending on the size of the treatment area. No exfoliators or harsh cleansers can be used in the week after treatment you should also avoid rubbing or scratching the treated area.




Upper eyelid lifts                                 $450

Under Eyes                                           $400

Eye Area Combo (3 areas)                  $800




Crow’s Feet                                           $250

Neck lift/Neck lines                            $400 – $800

Jawline (jowls)                                      $800

Nasolabial/Smile lines                       $300

Top lip/smoker lines                           $350

Forehead                                               $300

Abdomen area                                      $400 – $2000

Skin Tags                                                $40+

Elbow lift                                                $600

Arms                                                        $600 – $900




Entire face                                              $1800

Face & neck                                           $2500

Neck & jawline lift                                  $1500