Mesotherapy skin needling is a collagen induction treatment designed to stimulate collagen and elastin production at an accelerated rate. The C.I.T needling system utilises microscopic needles in a controlled motorised head causing precise micro traumas in the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin stimulating the growth factor of collagen and elastin for up to 12 weeks.


We incorporate ampoules which are compounded at its 100% purest form we induct this through the channel ways created throughout the mesotherapy needling. By inducing ampoules customised to client concerns we amplify the quality of the infusion for ultimate rejuvenation.


What to expect after treatment?

After your mesotherapy needling session you may experience slight redness and swelling and your skin will feel warm to touch like a mild sunburn sensation this will last between 1-3 days. 3-5 days after your treatment your skin may feel dry and flaky this is a normal process as it’s the skins natural way of shedding the dead skin cells.


Avoid peeling and picking at the skin. Your dermal therapist will provide you with recommended aftercare products as well as a take home aftercare sheet to follow. 




Cellular ampoule- regenerating and energising ampoule designed to stimulate and normalise devitalised cellular function . cellular ampoules promotes rapid renewal and triggers intense rejuvenation for a replenished and awakened result.

Energy lines repair- revitalising and reviving ampoule designed to stimulate reduced function. Energy line repair serum with ATP instantly energises, refreshes and brightens the complexion for immediate luminosity and firmness.

Collagen ampoule- lifting and firming ampoule designed to restore volume and contours to mature and atrophied skin. collagen ampoule redefines and tones for renewed volume and elasticity.

Sanvita ampoule- calming and anti-inflammatory ampoule designed to nurture and repair stressed, reactive and irritated skin. sanvita ampoule instantly soothes and balances redness, itchiness and heat for a strengthened and repaired complexion.

Aloe vera ampoule- a lifting and firming ampoule designed to restore volume and vontours to mature and sundamaged skin. aloe vera ampoule redefines and tones for revitalised complexion with renewed strength and elasticity.

Anti-couperose ampoule- anti redness and anti inflammatory corrective ampoule that targets telangiectasia, flushing and rosacea. Anti-couperose ampoule contains active vaso-constrictor to create a more uniform tone with greater resilience’s and strength.

Hyaluronic acid ampoule- intensely hydrating designed to rapidly restore moisture content to parched and thirsty skin. hyaluronic acid ampoule restores the skins reservoirs of hydration for a radiant and refreshed finish.

Whitening ampoule- tyrosinase inhibiting corrective ampoulethat targets hyper-pigment and sun damaged skin. Whitening ampoule contains active corrector to prevent uneven skin tone caused by age, hormonal changes and sun exposure.

Moisture ampoule- an ultra-hydrating and revitalising ampoule designed to re-energise and re hydrate sluggish and non-responsive skin. moisture ampoule stimulates hydration function whilst promoting resiliency, vitality and an increased mechanism for environmental defence.

Propolis- versatile ampoule with active anti-bacterial and anti microbials to equalise and purify breakouts and impure complexions prone to pimples and acne. Propolis vitamin A restores balance and clarity to the skin.

Vitamin A- versatile ampoule designed to reverse, prevent and repair ageing skins. Vitamin A ampoulerestores and normalises cellular function whilst strengthening the skin against environmental damage and premature wrinkles creating a more resilient, smoother and regenerated complexion.